FireRay Beam Motorised Reflective Detector - 5000

Fire Projects does SITC - supply, install, test and commission the Fireray 5000, which is motorised reflective type optical beam smoke detector with auto aligning infrared optical beam smoke detector can be installed with up to two detector heads per system, thus saving on installation time and costs. In addition, each system controller houses two pairs of fire and fault relays, one per detector. This innovative system has been designed from the ground up to include pioneering technology that fully addresses the needs of the installer and user, both now and in the future.
With its industry leading optics, the Fireray 5000 is ideally suited for the protection of large areas where the use of traditional detection technologies would prove to be too difficult and/or costly to install.
The Fireray 5000 supplied by Fire Projects, combines an infrared transmitter and receiver in the same discrete unit and operates by projecting a well-defined beam to a reflective prism, which returns the beam to the receiver for analysis. Smoke in the beam path causes a drop in power, which, if below a pre-determined level, results in an alarm signal. 
Fireray 5000 is quickest and easiest detector, which is getting system operation simplified by number of ground breaking features. A full range of installation acessories are available including the new Adjustment Bracket, which allows a greater degree of flexibility during installation. Once detector head are connected, using esifit First fix system, and integral laser can be activated. This allows the reflective prism to be positioned quickly and with confidence. Once the laser has been used to coarsely align the beam, Auto-align take over and automatically steers the beam into the optimum position. During alignment the system automatically switches to high current mode and drops back to low current mode when in normal operation, however alignment is still possible to in low current mode.
Fire Projects has handsome experience to align each fireray beam detector and takes 5 minutes to fully align. Contact Fire Projects today to schedule your appointment with Fire Projects, make call on +91 9409535460.
Fireray 5000 motorised reflective type of beam smoke detector supplied by Fire Projects has following features:
  • Allows for 2 Detectors per System Controller
  • Each Detector configurable from 8m to 100m
  • Separate Fire and Fault relays per Detector
  • Integral LASER alignment
  • Auto-Align Fast Automatic Beam Alignment
  • Building Movement and Contamination Compensation
  • Low Level System Controller
  • Logs the 50 most recent events per detector
  • Programmable Sensitivity and Fire Thresholds
  • 20mm Cable Gland Knockouts on System Controller
  • 2-wire interface from System Controller to Detector

For detailed specification, please download datasheet.